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                                                             PARIKRMA - PROJECT CASCADE 1 3 6 9

                                                                     AS LITTLE AS Rs 85/= A MONTH WILL SUPPORT A CHILD’S EDUCATION FOR A YEAR

The Parikrma Humanity Foundation, was started 15 years ago, with the collective desire to create a Sustainable Model of Equal Education for the under privileged and under-served children, who live in slums and orphanages in Bangalore. The model is based around a transformational process, which is a 360 degree process of caring and nurturing. More than 2000 children, studying in 4 schools and 1 junior College, are transforming their lives by receiving high quality English Medium Education in the CBSE curriculum. They are also provided with complete Nutrition, Comprehensive Health Care and Family care to ensure a supportive and stable home environment. The performance of Parikrma and development of the students can be seen on the website. Each year the cost of this comprehensive education of a child costs around Rs 34000/=.

Parikrma embarked upon Project Cascade 1 3 6 9.This project was conceived on the platform of leveraging technology using existing data to create a way to Personalize Crowd Resourcing. The Children would be from Classes 1 3 6 9, every year, in each school, as they are interesting Transition points in a child’s life. Also over a period of 3 years all the children would be supported. It was also important to ensure the project must achieve 5 major outcomes:

      1) A Donor will partially support a child/children at Rs 1000/= per year subject a maximum of Rs 10000/= for an individual child or multiple children. These small amounts from single    
          donors would have a Cascading Effect in Supporting Parikrma.

      2) The Computer will randomly select a child as we believe all Children in Parikrma are equal

      3) The Donor must know to which child his/her money has gone. A profile with a photo will be sent as soon as the contribution is received along with the Income Tax receipt and thanks.

      4) The half yearly and the annual report of the concerned child/children will be sent to the Donor, so that they can observe their child’s/children’s progress

      5) At the end of the annual donation period a request would be sent for the continuation of support.

We at Parikrma would be very grateful for your support

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